A family-owned Bohemian gallery offering custom crystal lighting, crystal glass art pieces, crystal and garnet jewelry and much more.

Your imagination......our creation. Welcome to the world of CRYSTAL INSPIRATIONS. Recognized as a preeminent crystal lighting design resource for architects, designers, contractors, builders and homeowners, we offer luxurious custom crystal indoor lighting & fixtures with an attention to detail for high-end customers and deluxe interior look. We specialize in residential, commercial (hotels, condominium, restaurants, offices, healthcare), and heritage (church) projects.

“Our selection consists of both traditional and modern chandeliers made exclusively from Bohemian crystal. While most of our chandeliers are made completely of crystal, we also offer fixtures with metal arms,” explains Mr. Verner, adding the Gallery benefits from a catalog with over 500 types of chandeliers ranging in size to 20 feet and suitable for three level residences.

“To be called a pure and real Bohemian crystal, it must contain 24% lead oxide which makes crystal heavier than Bohemian glass. When you hold a Bohemian crystal up to light, it should result in “multiple rainbows” because the lead content increases the light refraction properties,” explains Mr. Verner. “It’s like looking into hundreds of prisms simultaneously and only available in the Czech Republic. All our crystal is mouth-blown and hand-cut. We do not sell machine-made products,” he explains.

Find your favorite lighting style to embellish your home with a dramatic, glamorous glow. Enrich your unique chandelier with additional lighting options such as wall sconces, floor and table lamps and/or decorative spot lights. Add some of our decorative glass art pieces to your interior giving it a high-end look.